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We are a company dedicated to providing natural products, for the revitalization of skin and body. Our products are comprised of natural herbs found in the savannah and rainforest regions of Africa. The effectiveness of our products lies in the intense mixture of natural herbs. Our goal is to continually provide quality products, made with ingredients found in nature.


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  • Michele Morikawa
    I began using African Herbal Health soap this summer. I saw a demonstration where I could see the difference between a hand being washed with African Herbal Health Soap compared to a hand that was not washed. It was like night and day. My mom has always been making comments that my face looks greyish all the time. I have used expensive face cleansing items for years but that was only a temporary fix. My face would break out in pimples regularly. I began using the African Herbal Health Soap on my face, and since then I have not heard another comment from my mom about my face looking greyish. My face feels clean all the time. I love the soap and I am using it regularly.
    Michele Morikawa
    Erin, Ontario
  • Ms. Vanessa H.
    Dear African Herbal Health, I just want to thank you for such a great product. I have literally tried everything on the market in regards to obtaining the most cleanest, clearest complexion as possible- and I must say, where other products have failed, your product has more than exceeded my expectations.
    Ms. Vanessa H.
    Toronto, On.
  • Signed a very Happy Customer
    I am a person who doesn't normally write about products that I use, but I was compelled to write regarding my experience with your products, African HerbalĀ  Health Soap and Herbal Cream. First of all, I have used various skin care products most of my life, spending too much money for a product that didn't do a quarter of what these products have done. The Herbal Soap has given a new meaning to clean skin. I can say when I took my first shower with that soap, I have never seen that amount of excess dirt come off of my skin. My complexion has never been so clear and clean. The African Herbal Health Cream only enhances what the African Herbal Health Soap does. I rub the cream on, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then take a dry wipe cloth and wipe my skin once again. And I have to say, that the cream leaves my skin soft and moisturized all day. I have gone to various places, and people who have seen me prior to using your products, they ask me what do I do to get the skin I have- and all I have to say, is I use African Herbal Health products. As long as you have your products available, I'm a lifelong customer- The Price is right. The Products are 100% Natural, and most importantly, THEY WORK!!!!.
    Signed a very Happy Customer
    Claudette in Windsor, ON.
  • Noelle Quinn
    Please can you advise me of how I can purchase more of the African Herbal Health soap and cream. I have found it really good for my teenage son who suffers from acne. I bought it while on holiday in Canada. I am living in Dublin, Ireland. I am working as a Kinesiologist, and use all herbal and homeopathic products. I really found this product to be very good. Looking forward to hearing from you .
    Noelle Quinn
    Dublin Ireland